Dennis Martire spends 30 years with labor union organization

February 18, 2020
Dennis Martire

Today, people easily and swiftly migrate from job to job. They gain experience then move on to more challenging roles and companies. Stability has diminished among a more transient workforce. But despite these changes in the way individuals work, Dennis Martire has, so far, committed 30 years to one employer. It’s a feat seen infrequently today.

Dennis Martire began with the Laborers’ International Union of North America in 1990. He started as an international representative, but quickly advanced within the organization. Now -- and since 2002 -- he holds an elected position with LIUNA. For nearly a decade, he’s served as the vice president and regional manager for the mid-Atlantic region. It is in this capacity that Martire has experienced many successes all to benefit labor union workers within his assigned area.